Published Portfolio

A Portfolio

Follow a few links and check out the articles I’ve written for a few publications.


These links will take you to the FactoryTwoFour website

Bring Back the Garden
John of the Mountain: We Need More Muir
Wranglin’ Up a Knotty Hose: or, “How I Came to Find Patience”
If Men Were Trees: Life Lessons From Failed Monocultures
Growing Some Herb: An Introduction to Gardening
Knives Out
Go Heirloom or Go Home: Let’s Talk Tomoatoes
Man as a Meadow
Apples Ain’t Oranges: On Net Neutrality
Music and Drinking
Wonder Woman Wasted
Goodbye, Mr. Romero
Get Plant Tough
Get Garden Strong
Waiting for Something Amazing? Solar Eclipse 2017
Campfire Jambalaya: A Recipe
How a Single M&M Can Help You Live in Each Moment
Trees Need Stress to Become Strong – And So Do You
Pick Up a Book: Winter Reading Guide
Conquer Self-Doubt With Vincent van Gogh
Putting the Garden to Bed: It’s Going to Be Okay
A Fine Christmas Tradition
Tash Sultana is What Art’s All About
Flat Out Failure: Living a Gold Star Life
Gardening: Expanding Horizons With Something Different
Take a Hike: Climbing Mountains Offers Perspective
The New Mutants: A Fresh Superhero Movie
Think Before You Trend
Letting Go: On Cutting Losses and Moving On
The Christmas Tree Massacre of 2018
Winter Hiking: Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Philadelphia Eagles: An Ode to the Fans
Add Life to Your Home With Houseplants
Do the Cloths Make the Man? – Tools and Man


Gardener’s Path

These links will take you to the Gardener’s Path website

“Ish” Gardening: A Guide to Planting with Purpose
Conifer Confusion: Pine, Fir, and Spruce Identification
Oh, Felco F-2, and All the Things You Do!
Project Pansy: Cranking Color Up to 11
Into the Cloning Vats: Propagating African Violets
Made in the Shade: Twelve Fast-Growing Shade Trees
Cozy Up With Chamomile: Growing and Harvesting a Classic
Expert Guide to Fall and Spring Perennial Cutbacks and Pruning
Houseplant Primer: A Guide to Basic Care and Durable Plants
Bats Beat Bugs: Welcoming Bats Into the Garden
Winter Decor Design
Spray the Day Away: Safe Application of Garden Chemicals and Organic Alternatives
An Ode to the Marigold: Revisiting a Garden Staple
How to Grow Black-Eyed Susans
Gimme Gimme Astilbe: A Shade Gardener’s Best Friend
Doing Battle With Japanese BeetlesDoing Battle With Japanese Beetles
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Have Changed
How to Harvest Wild Berries: Foraging for Beginners
How to Grow Apple Trees at Home


Primal Survivor

These links will take you to Primal Survivor website

11 Fast Growing Vegetables for Your Homestead
Starting Your Survival Garden
Growing Vegetables in 5-gallon Buckets – the 101

East Falls Local

These links will take you to East Falls Local website

Christmas Bells (yes, this is the same story available here!)
Cold Hands and Warm Thoughts Jambalaya (yes, this is the same story available here!)


Song Places

These links will take you to the Song Places website

Gonna Fly Now